Swimming Goggles for every Swim Set, Workout and Race

Sneakerheads come in every shape, size, and manner as tennis (for hard, grass, and clay), basketball (low/high), and so forth. Golf has more clubs than God herself could play with. But swimming goggles?

Swedish Goggles for that Vintage Feel

To create a better feel for the water go with the time-honored classic nod to a generation ago. Swedish goggles – yes you read that right – are a sweet homage to a simpler time. In fact, if you are looking around the warm-down pool you will probably still see them all over.

There is something timeless about a pair of minimal Swedish goggles. The price is right for multiple pairs. And now that we have a cushioned gasket for a better feel, that long aerobic set will hurt as it was intended.

A Form of Neuroscience

Hang on for a second, as we are going to take a detour into swimming technique through the closed eyes of occluded goggles.

If you really want a challenge beyond beginner swimming drills and technique patterns, try on a pair of darkened swimming goggles after watching the best performers. By removing your reliance on swimming vision, your mind can use what it just saw to recreate the best swimming technique with mirror neurons.

Take it up another notch, and darken only the sides of your goggles (like horse blinders), and pick up the speed while still focusing on your newly acquired technique.

A Force to Race With

It’s one thing to remove or limit swimming vision during practice. But there is nothing worse than a pair of high-priced goggles falling off or filling up with water. Simply ask the GOAT what it’s like to race the 200, hang on to your butterfly stroke, and still get your hand on the wall first.

Vintage or cutting-edge innovation, a pair of goggles that don’t fit leave swimmers at the mercy of chance. When spending hours in the pool, training for tenths, grab a pair of goggles that work the moment. Leave nothing to chance.

A Comfortable Flow to a Swimming Workout

Despite the grit and determination of generations past, longer swim workouts would have been infinitely more comfortable with a piece of custom sports equipment. And if you are really looking for a great pair of custom-made goggles. Check out The Magic 5 Team. Great group. Great mission. Great pair of swimming goggles made just for you.

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