KineFusion Swimming Apps

Your augmented swimming connection to the pool.

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KineFusion Swimming Apps
Innovation Deserves Amazing

Innovation Deserves Amazing

Smart watches are now waterproof. Swimming apps count calories and laps like never before. But what to do with all this information?

Custom Workouts

Want to improve your form, flow, and force? Kinefusion apps will provide specific test sets to do just that.

In Depth Analysis

Connect with your coach for in depth stroke analysis of your improvements. Camera and AR ready for action.

Athletes App

For full functionality you will need to use the Mimic swim paddles to unlock the app and learn more about your swimming. Connect with your coach to unlock your performance potential.


Your KineFusion app uses your camera to identify the Mimic swim paddle and unlock AR, camera, and data features.


Let AR unlock technique videos and coaching workouts in the app or as viewed with the camera on your swim paddle.


See performance improvements with video and data merged. Or dig deeper with data visualizations.

Athletes App

Coaches App

Packaged with branded Mimic swim paddles for private, group and team sizes. Contact us directly if you are interested in learning more as there is limited initial availability.

Add team roster to track performance

Drag and drop video comparisons of athletes to share

Capture and share performance analytics by simply filming your swimmers.

Coaches App

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