Try a Swim through the ‘Rose Colored’ Lenses of Swedish Goggles

swimming race
Photo by Serena Repice Lentini on Unsplash

We tried computer vision, augmented reality, swimming apps and the promise of tomorrow. And we came away with Swedish Goggles. They have always been the best swimming goggles. Utilitarian and spartan in design, incredibly functional in performance, and you can get five pairs for the cost of some other designer swimming goggles. The challenge is how to improve upon generational swimwear with subtle changes. 

The Real OG: Original Swedish Goggles

What are swedish goggles? They are the goggles that you see, but don’t notice. Simultaneously underappreciated and/or feared (Do they hurt?) by New Year’s resolution lap lane swimmers. Swedish goggles are the measuring stick for a goggles definition.

Some may think of Dara Torres at 40 crushing world records while swimming with those giant bug goggles. Others will go more modern and point to iconic images of Phelps racing in sleek space age goggles. Personally, I consider it near sacrosanct to swim with anything but Swedes. And the decks I have wandered certainly trend more Swedish in the warmdown and practice pools.

Iterative Improvements for Raccoon Eyes

Yet hang around pools long enough and everyone’s seen them. The indented circles around a swimmer’s eyes that give the appearance one is more closely related to a raccoon than an Olympic swimmer. And while swimmers are tough, swimming vision underwater should not come at the expense of comfort.

Enter common sense; where swimming innovation is a subtle change to an amazing product for a greater level of performance and/or enjoyment. So while to the uninitiated, the difference between aerobic and anaerobic work simply looks like swimming for weight loss. And proper swimming technique mirrors a Saturday lift at the cross fit gym the former Subway franchisee opened up last week. For swimmers who understand the demands of a 2-hour swimming workout, a nice cushion seal to their favorite goggles can make all the difference.

KineFusion Iterara Goggles are built for Feel, Form, Flow & Force 

The Iterara mirrored swedish goggles have a light blue tint for underwater clarity during indoor swimming and a ‘mirror effect’ for outdoor glare. The TPE cushion between goggle and skin provides greater comfort during long swim sets and an improved seal off the blocks and walls. And as always when the swedish goggles nose piece breaks (or you simply don’t want to thread the small string), replacement straps are built right into the equipment. So grab an upgrade with a pair of Swedish goggles for a trip back in time with an easier fit.