Good Vibrations, Feelings and Tennis Dampeners

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Tennis dampeners, also known as a racket dampener or vibration dampeners, are a small piece of gear for your racket. That could produce a big change in your game. Because dampeners have long been thought to reduce the vibration off the racket-stringbed. 

And there are also a number of theories that indicate a dampener can prevent injury or provide comfort to your forearm.

One common misconception that has been debunked by science is that a tennis dampener can reduce the power level of a racket. This is untrue.

Power is determined by the quality of the racket and the player, which remains unchanged regardless of whether a dampener exists.

Tennis Dampeners to Assist with Vibration

One thing for sure is that using a tennis dampener decreases the sound that the ball makes when it comes in to contact with the racket, otherwise known as the ‘ping’. 

Reducing or eliminating this sound can improve a players’ game. Simply by increasing focus and removing emotional distraction during play.

When playing tennis, the sound made by the impact of the ball on the racket can be somewhat annoying and distracting. Therefore, eliminating the ping as much as possible can influence your game by creating a more solid and defined strike.

How The Pros Use Dampeners

Professional tennis players use two types of dampeners; worm and button.

Button dampeners are most popular and are button-like in appearance. They are placed into the racket-stringbed. This type of dampener was made famous by players; Pete Sampras and Novak Djokovic.

Worm dampeners differ from button dampeners because they are long and thin, like a worm. And are laced through more strings on your tennis racket. This type of dampener was popular with players such as Andre Agassi. He used to thread the dampener between three to four strings.

How Weekend Warriors Use Dampeners

Amateur tennis players come in all shapes and sizes and depending on how seriously you take tennis; may determine whether or not you use a dampener.

Dampeners are used by amateur tennis players for the same reason as professionals; to reduce the sound of the ball on impact with the racket. 

In addition, some amateur players believe that the use of a dampener will reduce the chances of developing an injury, such as tennis elbow.

How Dampeners Can Improve Your Game

Tennis dampeners can improve your tennis game by reducing the distracting ‘ping’ sound made by the ball when you strike it.

They can also improve your focus due to the psychological impact that they offer during more intense matches.

What’s more is, by reducing the vibration from the racket, the feeling in your hand, wrist, and forearm can be improved and allow you to play tennis for longer.

However, the use of a dampener often comes down to a personal preference of player and there is very little evidence to support the numerous theories