Swim Paddles, Watches, and Phones aren’t Smart.

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Trail runner athlete using her smart watch app to monitor fitness progress or heart rate during run cardio workout. Woman training outdoors on mountain rocks. Closeup of tech gear.

There is and will continue to be a great deal of discussion around artificial intelligence. You know, Skynet from the Terminator series. Doom and gloom aside, the idea is that smart sensors evolve from a ‘stand’ notification on our apple watch to become our robotic coaching overlords of ‘citius altius fortius‘.

But fret not for the modern gladiatorial athlete, experiences still define our life to help us create the best versions of ourselves. Smart is merely an ability to acknowledge history, to proactively find solutions, and to react when opportunities present. Some even call it ‘lucky’.

neural networks sports prediction
close-up view of robot playing chess, selective focus

Nurture with Nature for Intelligent Design

Luck implies a lack of control over how we approach our experiences and nothing could be further from the truth. Simply look to nature to find unlucky beetles born to the desert that find ways to harvest water from fog to survive. Smart behavior from an otherwise unremarkable creature.

The concept of intelligent design is no different, perhaps just evolutionarily faster. Smart products born of intelligent design mold the interactive experiences that evolve with us. A perfect performance is the ability to enjoy any experience unencumbered by reactive sensory overload from loud beeps and strobing lights.

Iterative Development with Detailed Design

Nothing would be done at all, if a man waited till he could do it so well, that no one could find fault with it. – Cardinal John Henry Newman

Detailed design compensates for the inevitable subpar proactive attempts to engage, complement, and augment training that can get us right back after and into our goals. It is a thought process that reflects on what could be built better to allow maximum performance. When we set about to make a better swim with swim paddles, we purposefully considered years of painful experiences as athletes and coaches.

Train with Purpose

Smart is purposeful. And swim paddles like fins, help with progressive overload for very specific skills. The Mimic swim paddles were built for athletes to swim faster more efficiently. Whether you learn to swim or learn to swim a lot faster, these hand paddles will help you train smarter.