Time to add CoachUp, Hudl, & Zoom to your Coaching Toolbox

learned helplessness

With schools and organized sports largely shut down amid a nationwide effort to contain the coronavirus pandemic, sports and video chat apps have emerged as a go-to mechanism for coaches. As a swim coach for over eighteen years, I did the long hours on a pool deck. The three-day swim meets on weekends. It felt like learned helplessness. Then in 2016 I added CoachUp to my coaching toolbox.

CoachUp was founded on the principles of helping athletes 

CoachUp was founded in 2011 by former professional basketball player and Managing Director of the Techstars Sports Accelerator Jordan Fliegel with engineers Arian Radmand and Gabe Durazo. Its site, CoachUp.com, officially launched on May 9, 2012.

CoachUp’s mission is to help adults and kids change the trajectory of their lives through sports. CoachUp established its Athlete Advisory Council in early 2014 to partner with current and former professional athletes such as Steph Curry.

CoachUp is the easiest way to connect with an experienced coach 

Finding a great private coach can establish a powerful relationship that enables the coach to help in multiple capacities. Those benefits being athletic performance, confidence-boosting, accountability, efficiency, goal setting, personalized training, constant motivation and it fits into your schedule. 

I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of their coaching platform. CoachUp is legit. was easy to navigate and user friendly.

Simply set your hours and rates. And CoachUp will provide you with client leads based on location.

In addition, they offer branding, like business cards and Coach Up branded Under Armour clothing. Most importantly there is a 1million dollar liability insurance policy for coaches.

Coach up is a collaborative place to build and add to your coaching toolbox. And after building my online coaching business over four years, I have established wonderful relationships with novice and competitive swimmers, masters swimmers, and tri-athletes. 

Teach with Virtual Training Apps

And then it all changed again. Three weeks ago, after learning that rec-centers and pools were going to be shut down for the foreseeable future, it was comforting to know that Coach Up had an online training option.

After creating my online training package under my profile, a few of my swimming families have uploaded videos of themselves swimming. Ssome currently with back yard pools, others from an old swim meet footage. Again looking to add something to the coaching toolbox, I downloaded the hudl technique app to create video evaluation with comments and drawings for real-time feedback. 

Amid Social Distancing Staying Connected with Athletes 

Another way to stay connected with your athletes is through the use of Zoom. Sharing quarantine stories, goal setting, nutrition talks and dryland workouts are all other ways to connect and stay up to date on daily, weekly monthly routines for your clients. 

The New Normal

The priority for coaches now is helping their athletes stay normal during this time. With a technological assist, overcome learned helplessness and empower young athletes with resilience.

As coaches, we can extend our experiences past the pool deck. While allowing great coaches and trainers all over the world to inspire more athletes. We were already headed in this direction, this pandemic just made us work smarter and faster.