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Mimic Swim Paddles + Additional Finger Straps

Priced at the Current Women's LCM 50 Free World Record

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Mimic Swim Paddles

Inspired by nature, the patent-pending Mimic swim paddle creates an unrivaled feel for the water. Its surface is innovated with special rubber nodes and grooves designed to pool water under the palm as the hand slides into the water. This promotes the flow of water during the most dynamic aspects of the stroke.

A hexagonal channel system on the underside serves two purposes. One, it provides a significant grip improvement. Two, it connects the KineFusion iOS app to your paddle with augmented reality (AR).

  • nodes and grooves in the hand paddle provide a better kinesthetic feel for the water
  • flexible silicone, low-profile finger strap(s) provide three unique experiences when working on specific swimming sets, skills and drills
  • multipurpose hexagonal channels on the underside for a better grip during training and augmented reality (AR) connection
  • workouts and/or videos can be saved to free iOS companion app or delivered in AR when connected to the swim paddle

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