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Available to everyone with an iPhone, the entire app opens when connected to the Mimic Swim Paddle using augmented reality. Find expert videos, customized workouts, data visualizations, and more.

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KineFusion Swimming  is inspired & influenced by nature to create an unrivaled feel for the water through thoughtful exploration of our potential.

In KineFusion we use the combination of force, form and flow to automatically adjust workouts to match your ability while challenging you with appropriate sets and goals to let you visualize your improvement over time. Challenge each with swim paddles designed to help increase your feel for the water.

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swimming technique


is swimming technique. Maintaining form as speed or distance increases is vital to peak training and racing. We measure it as catch, kick, and position. 

anaerobic swimming


is anaerobic training. To evaluate force we look at strokes taken in a short space of time and we break it down as acceleration, power, and speed.

aerobic swimming


is aerobic training. To maximize flow, we look at the relationship between heart rate and time or distance. We measure pace, capacity, and efficiency.

feel for the water


Is ‘coach speak’ for your kinesthetic relationship with the water. The better you feel, the more natural and comfortable you are in the water.

Swimming Speed

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