A friend once told me you don’t need to be a great swimmer to be an amazing coach, but it sure does help. The athletic experience is personal, and coaching is about sharing. So I understood a great deal about swimming, minus breaststroke swimming. 

Scaling knowledge comes once you better understand. More deserve the information

Why Breaststroke Technique

Because I could never swim it. I had to study it.

10000 hours of ‘paying attention’

In the beginning, I never knew what to look for until someone else pointed it out. By the end, I could hear it. Like the difference between a curve and a fastball.

Machine learning TS js

Bring Some Wonder to the Pool Deck with your Camera Lens

Interactivity helps bridge the gap between coaching experience and athlete communication. Sometimes coaching can feel like speaking a foreign language. First we filmed to review later, then filmed with DVR, now we bring 

breaststroke kick

Motion Tracking 

Data yes. Invasive sensors – no thanks. First we had the Kinect depth sensor – but you live in 3 dimensions so why does your camera need to as well?

Firsthand experience is one of the most powerful ways to learn.