Zion Williamson Vertical Jump is a Violent thing of Beauty

zion williamson vertical jump

There is no question that Zion Williamson possesses other-worldly athleticism. His tremendous power is evident as he backs down opposing NBA centers in the paint. Right before he posterizes them with a rim-rattling dunk.

Still, his most potent weapon is his unparalleled coordination of dynamic timing and explosive power. This can be seen in any Zion Williamson vertical jump above the masses.

Mesmerized by the Zion Williamson Vertical Jump

Despite being 6 “6 and 284 lbs, Zion Williamson has a 45-inch vertical leap! This means that Zion Williamson has one of the 5 highest vertical jumps in NBA history!

According to lore, Zion Williamson uncovered how extraordinary his leap was back in high school. During his first game at Spartansburg High School, he ended up dunking on an opponent on an alley-oop pass. Williamson was stunned at his own ability to defy gravity.

The Zion Williamson urban legend became the center of attention when he nearly broke the Vertec during his combine testing at Duke University.

Zion’s 45-inch vertical leap at his freshman combine was a then all-time record. His new teammates saw first hand that Zion was a generational physical specimen. 

Zion did so well on the vertical test that the staff at Duke had to put weights under the vertical test device so that it can be higher. Given that he weighs nearly 300 lbs, one is only left to ponder the following: Who is even comparable to Zion Williamson vertical jump?

How about the world-ly vertical leaps of Michael Jordan and Caeleb Dressel?

Duke vs UNC and the Michael Jordan Vertical Legend

It’s not just a rivalry on the basketball court. Duke vs UNC. It’s a perpetual competition in everything.

Many consider Michael Jordan to be the greatest player in the history of the NBA. So it comes as no surprise that Jordan also has one of the greatest vertical jump ever.

Elevating up to a height of 48 inches, it is no wonder that Jordan earned the nickname “His Airness.” Or in other terms, Jordan can jump so high that his head reaches six inches above the rim.

Highlights of Jordan sizing up his opponent, preparing for takeoff on approach, and eventually gliding through the air are forever etched in the memories of basketball fans. Just one example of this is his iconic slam dunk from the free throw line at the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest.  

Or his incredible layup in the 1991 NBA Finals. Jordan seemed to levitate in the air, while other mere “mortals” feel back to earth as he switched the ball between hands in mid-air.   

Fret not Duke fans, a Zion Williamson vertical jump is comparable to Michael Jordan, even though he outweighs Jordan by 68 pounds. For the Newtonian uninitiated, F=ma. And that is a lot more mass heading toward the rim.

A Rivalry at the Pool with Caeleb Dressel’s Vertical Surprise

And with all due respect to Mark Gangloff and his undoubtedly high expectations. Duke vs UNC, in the water is not what it is in the gym.

So, further south in Gainesville and SEC country, how has Caeleb Dressel separated himself from his peers in the pool? Simply his outstanding abilities in and out of the water.

One of the key reasons for Dressel’s success is his incredible start. Over the past few years, Dressel has improved his vertical jump from 33 inches to 41 inches through numerous workouts in the weight room.

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But Zion Williamson has a vertical leap four inches greater than Dressel’s and outweighs him by some 92 lbs. Wow. What a sight it could be, Williamson flying off the starting blocks at the Olympics!