KineFusion Swim Training, Videos, App, Paddles and So Much More

Swimming Race Pace and Interval Training

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Competitive swimmers can challenge and exceed race pace with specific swimming equipment like swim fins, swimming goggles, and properly sized paddles. And with automated technique evaluation of any recorded performance, an annotated video shows the biomechanical performance of that speed. Swimming accessories should enhance the race pace experience through integrated technology to easily adjust interval training that enhances swimming workouts.

Anaerobic vs Aerobic: Mastering Swimming Efficiency

sprint swimming

Anaerobic vs Aerobic training should not be considered exclusive of one another. They are complementary pieces meant to maximize swimming efficiency over a given race. Specificity of training for the purpose of racing is the efficiency of timely, useful work toward achieving your performance goals.

Swim Paddles Can Help Improve Kicking and Kick

dolhin kick
Every sport loves its idiosyncracies, idioms, and insider jargon. Swimming is no different. Perhaps, even in an unrivaled realm of its own. Think flipturns, dolphin kick, early vertical forearm, and streamlining just to name a few.

How Paddles can Help Improve your Catch in Swimming

early vertical forearm swimming
The catch in swimming is not a moment in time. Rather its a series of dynamic movements to initiate the propulsive phase of all swimming strokes and we wanted to accentuate that feeling with our Mimic Swim Paddles. And give you a better understanding of your progress with the stroke visualizations in the KineFusion Swimming app.

Using Swim Paddle Size to Train Correct Muscle Groups and Fibers

swimming paddle technique
Many swimmers speed up their tempo to compensate as they 'slip' (technique fails) and 'the piano drops' (physiological exhaustion). By decreasing the perception of and biological markers correlated to fatigue, swimmers can utilize hand paddles to recruit the correct muscle groups and fibers for strokes and distances.

Swimming Workouts From, On and With Hand Paddles

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Augmented reality (AR) is opening up nearly endless possibilities to communicate and engage with our world. And with AR on a swim paddle, you can experience just about anything you can imagine at the pool. Break down the swimming mechanics of freestyle before diving in. Or have a coach walk you through the most important parts of a workout before you push off. The boundaries for coaching anyone, including yourself, are virtually limitless.

Finding Force Inside Swimming

swimming paddles force
On the surface, it would appear that force and flow are opposing dualities. But like many polar opposites, these two are drawn together beneath the surface because force(s) are always at play, even when we feel our swimming is at its most effortless.

Swimming Workouts that Transform Exercise into Customized Training

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Transformative coaching works with you to create the best version of your swimming. A great coach knows when to use any piece of equipment, to change tone to motivate, to adapt a workout ‘on the fly’, and generally inspire individual athletes with specific messaging.

Swim paddles, watches, and phones aren’t smart, people are smart

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There is and will continue to be a great deal of discussion around artificial intelligence. You know, Skynet from the Terminator series.

Why Swim Paddles?

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Any product is simply a story waiting to be told. My old blue strokemakers swim paddles certainly carried a story. And a service is merely a message waiting to be shared. Ask any coach stubbornly repeating warmup for the 10th time to 9 unique athletes (yes I did the math right). But a community is created when both earnestly compliment one another without compromising intention.

Augmented Reality as the New Old Magic in Swimming Dreams

what are swimming paddles used for
The Charlotte Ultraswim was the last meet I ever raced and, despite a brief dalliance coaching my former high school last year, was the last meet I ever coached. Both times I recall sitting in the stands and wondering if athletes, coaches, and fans saw the event the same way?

Biomimetics when Coaching Swimming with Nature through Nurture

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Biomimetics focuses on nature’s ability to make divided attentions clear. Coaching swimming is how we grow with and incorporate ‘talents’ through measured stressors.