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Hand Paddles Heighten Awareness of +/- Accelerations

hand paddles
Hand paddles can help a swim coach discover hidden technical flaws in a number of ways. So continue to progressively load volume and intensity to properly stress acceleration(s) specific to creating and sustaining maximal force throughout a stroke cycle. In order to find the flaws, simply be aware of any small pauses that are followed by 'excitable' movements.

Swimming Workout Periodization: It's easier than it sounds.

swimming workout
Coaching is an art, a science, and a maddening pursuit of refining excellence in another's performance. And designing a swimming workout and/or season(s) plan is no different.

To Find your Feel for the water get Creative within Swimming Workouts

creative swimming workouts

Form (swimming technique), force (anaerobic ‘power’), flow (aerobic ‘capacity’) independent of one another are just skills and drills. When they are intertwined together, the magic that coaches and ‘lifers’ refer to as ‘feel for the water’ emerges out of perceptual chaos.


Finding Force Inside Swimming

swimming paddles force
On the surface, it would appear that force and flow are opposing dualities. But like many polar opposites, these two are drawn together beneath the surface because force(s) are always at play, even when we feel our swimming is at its most effortless.