Synesthesia of Data into Swimming Sets, Workouts and Teams

There is no lack of data in the world. But until recently access has been limited to those with the means and desire, hopefully not in that order. Recently, an egalitarian approach has created a dearth of data. So much so, that what we most need now is to filter, refine and curate specific data to fit our unique wants. For the right swim set, best workout, and most amazing teams we can build.

The amount of data we produce every day is truly mind-boggling. There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day at our current pace, but that pace is only accelerating with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). Over the last two years alone 90 percent of the data in the world was generated. - Forbes Online

Diving into a Coach's Mind: 'The Performance Cortex'

It can be confusing in there. And a great coach's mind doesn't necessarily make them great at managing others and/or sharing their knowledge. Bottlenecks occur and individuals cannot learn more about working with high intensity swim sets that benefit race pace, open water tactics, or butterfly technique simply because the message gets lost.

To better understand check out 'The Performance Cortex'. A great read for any swim coach, it is even better when trying to 'break down' coach speak...

Coaches also say things like “watch the ball hit the bat” and “slow the game down”.


That colloquilasm “watch the ball hit the bat” is, in fact, utterly futile. But some may be better at maintaing eye contact with the pitch for longer than others.

And experts…

In a sport are regularly referred to as “seeing the field differently” than others. It is true that our experience does seem to change our perception, which, in turn, influences our actions.

While the rest of coaches and swimmers who improve...

Do opt to just “go with the flow”, as one researcher told me. Our brains learn to discover and exploit the passive dynamics of our systems, as well as the objects we manipulate.

Color Coded Training Zones for Workout Intensities

Processes are merely an assembly line of actionable information for those who aren’t yet or choose not to become experts. With a nod of admiration to Newton for his attempt to make synesthesia between color and music, KineFusion color-coded training zones to help build great swimming workouts from complementary swim sets.newton color wheel

Drag and drop swimming sets create workouts that can emphasize dolphin kick or help train for the individual medley. The gathering of relevant data can even go a step further by completing periodized and specific test sets to train KineFusion swimming workouts. Performance data that adapts intervals and volume to inform and customize the learning environment to maximize gains.

Newton Color Chart to Share Knowledge

A system of processes evolves because a head coach has to manage the entire swim team. To truly build a swim program from age group to senior athletes, a great swim club must streamline communication at all levels of instruction. While also leaving open room for interpretation and creativity.

From the youngest learn to swim instructor to the best athlete in the water everyone can agree on colors, size and location. Data graphics done well allow an assistant swim team coach to know why (color), how (size), and what (location) the head coach wants from a workout. At a swim meet or on the practice deck, everyone can begin to ‘speak’ in similar terminology to minimize misunderstanding, share responsibility, and manage accountability.


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