Swimming Workouts that Transform Exercise into Customized Training

Transformative coaching works with you to create the best version of your swimming. A great coach knows when to use any piece of equipment, to change tone to motivate, to adapt a workout ‘on the fly’, and generally inspire individual athletes with specific messaging. Our KineFusion mobile app augments your swim paddle with expert coaching videos to guide your swimming, displays goals as data visualizations, personalized workouts built by experts and customized by you, and analysis to create an athletic development plan. The age of ‘giving away’ your data is behind us and a new era of engagement with purposeful and personalized digital experiences made possible by physical products is emerging.

Innovative Swimming Equipment

The next level of customizing training always starts with the right equipment. Equipment should ‘blend’ into the background while helping athletes natural abilities take hold to stand out. If you swam not too long ago (perspective notwithstanding) there is no doubt you remember scars across your toes (or socks on your feet) from the best fins of a generation ago.best swimming fins from 1998


Generative Design is an amazing concept in product development that allows us to design innovative swimming fins using specific constraints while applying principles from nature to create a multitude of prototypes to test out in the water. Feel for the water should not be painful and leave scars. Instead, inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes to leave you a better swimmer.

swimming fins

Form Favors Function

Continued improvement comes when a technical skill integrates into a complex task and exercise becomes purposeful training. Learning principles and strategies can be incorporated into every product and service. Ideally, inside KineFusion we do just that for you by intertwining all to work with you at your pace (pun intended) and time.

  • kinesthetic feel is enhanced when the Mimic Swim Paddles fall off your hand signaling a dropped elbow
  • visual corrections and prompts from targeted videos
  • coach speak to create room for jargon and cues
  • read and write (with simple, personalized inputs or gestures) workouts, swimming specific training, and more

Transformative Coaching from a Technological Assist

We can't be everywhere. And why do amazing athletes come out of anywhere? Is it great coaching or demanding athletes looking for an edge? I believe its a culture of winning.

Winning is getting better at doing that which you hold near and dear. AI lets us adjust workouts without being on deck. AR lets us connect the physical and digital world through a camera lens that doubles as a ‘coaches eye’. While machine vision allows us to identify what you can improve. And principles of data science lets us dig into what the best in the world do to present a complete picture to everyone using color, size, and location to inform the mind without overwhelming our day. 

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