Swimming Workouts From, On and With Hand Paddles

Augmented reality (AR) is opening up nearly endless possibilities to communicate and engage with our world. And with AR on a swim paddle, you can experience just about anything you can imagine at the pool. Break down the swimming mechanics of freestyle before diving in. Or have a coach walk you through the most important parts of a workout before you push off. The boundaries for coaching anyone, including yourself, are virtually limitless.

Bring Some Wonder to the Pool Deck with your Camera Lens

Interactivity helps bridge the gap between coaching experience and athlete understanding. Sometimes the communication gap can feel like speaking a foreign language with one another. Enter video analysis and feedback.

First, we filmed to review later. Then we filmed with DVR. Soon we had virtual reality. Now we have them all to mix realities depending upon the learning environment and participants.

swimming workouts with augmented reality


Motion Tracking with an iPhone?

Swimming performance is measured in numbers. But those numbers come from a human perception of what we deem important to the result. If they swam the 99.5 meter butterfly, Michael Phelps would have 7 golds and 1 silver. The 395 meter free relay? Phelps' haul drops to 6 golds.

So give us swimming metrics. Absolutely. But invasive sensors that beep, ding, and generally interfere while swimming? Pass. Wait for me to get to the wall, or I miss my swimming flow.

Our understanding of swimming should come from appropriately timed experiences that augment the enjoyment of competition, training, and purposeful reflection on performance.

Firsthand Experience is One of the Most Powerful Ways to Learn

Get creative with your approach to swimming. Senses are meant to be stressed incrementally to improve your performance exponentially. So interact with your workout planning as well.

Workouts built by informed coaches and athletes designed to customize stressors offer intrinsic inspiration to keep motivation high. And with augmented reality, training periodization can deliver a unique experience to move through a learning paradigm that includes so many more.

swimming workouts


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