Swim paddles, watches, and phones aren’t smart, people are smart

There is and will continue to be a great deal of discussion around artificial intelligence. You know, Skynet from the Terminator series. Doom and gloom notwithstanding, the idea that smart sensors can and will learn how to evolve from a ‘stand’ notification on our apple watch to our robotic overlords is quite a reach at this time. Experiences define our life and help us create the best versions of ourselves. Smart is merely an ability to acknowledge our history, to proactively find solutions, and to react when opportunities are presented. Some even call it ‘lucky’.swimming app

Nurture with Nature

Yet luck implies a lack of control over how we approach our experiences and nothing could be further from the truth. One can look to nature to find unlucky beetles born to the desert that find ways to harvest water from fog to survive. Smart behavior from an otherwise unremarkable creature when compared to even the most novice of swimmers.swim paddles with bumps

Smart sensors are no different in their evolution, perhaps just faster. And speed is not always the best judge of ‘progress’ as even the best smartwatches don’t understand how to use our experiences to inform training. Ever make your 10,000 steps after a short and bumpy bus ride?  Any smart product is born of intelligent design and interactive experiences that evolve with us.

Iterative Development with Detail

Nothing would be done at all, if a man waited till he could do it so well, that no one could find fault with it. - Cardinal John Henry Newman

Skynet's moral conundrum aside, it doesn't mean to avoid sensors completely. Rather, find intelligent design coupled with smart products to engage, complement, and augment your training. Design that compensates for user experience will do just that.

When we set out to create the Mimic Swim Paddle we forgot that the strap is a major component of the complete design. So when our first samples went out, a modest improvement we did to improve the paddle made the silicon tubing ineffective given an athlete’s needs. 48 hours later we had a solution to add customized 'no tie' shoelaces.

Swim Training with Purpose

Delivering you with an intelligently designed swim paddle is transactional coaching. The moment you click, you're excited by the possibilities. When it gets to your door, you are anxious to dive in. And since we've done an outstanding job creating this paddle, you love your swim. Then the paddles find a spot at the bottom of your bag along with every other toy from Tin Cup.

swimming gear

We all need purposeful engagement to encourage us to create challenging goals and continue pursuing them well past January. Think of the KineFusion app and paddles as your bridge into the smart sensor world because nothing done well is done alone.

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