Swimming Race Pace and Interval Training

Competitive swimmers can challenge and exceed race pace with specific swimming equipment like swim fins, swimming goggles, and properly sized paddles. And with automated technique evaluation of any recorded performance, an annotated video shows the biomechanical performance of that speed. Swimming accessories should enhance the race pace experience through integrated technology to easily adjust interval training that enhances swimming workouts.

Aerobic Swimming is Attention to Conversational Flow

A nuanced feel for the water with swimming hand paddles is easily found by simply using and removing (or vice versa) hand paddles during swimming sets. Take a moment during an interval to exchange equipment to keep the aerobic workload while changing the technical focus. To challenge body position during longer swims and sets, wear it between your ankles with swim paddles for hands.

One of these days will have a swim cap with heart rate ear plugs, but until then athletes should focus on their breathing. If you can carry on a conversation, you're in an aerobic zone with your intervals. And coaches can simply ask a question to engage, the time delay in response will let you know the race pace spectrum of aerobic training that swimmer is experiencing.

Anaerobic Swimming is Force through Purposeful Technique

Building strength through our grip, not simply because of overall hand size, is fundamental to improving the catch in swimming. Swimmers should be 'faster' because of a greater awareness of the relationship with (and without) the water upon entry, catch, release and recovery. When to accelerate hand speed, and when to 'back off' because a swimmer is 'slipping' through the water.

And while aerobic swimming can benefit from pull buoys between your ankles, stay away from pull puoys while maximizing anaerobic power. Repetitive attempts to achieve race pace from immediate energy sources can be stymied by great pieces of swimming gear used incorrectly.

Swim Paddles are Part of the Tool Set to Meet and Exceed Goals

A set of paddles that allows athlete and coach the opportunity to communicate immediate kinesthetic awareness in the water allows for quick notifications between intervals. And the notifications can be expanded upon later with automated video analysis of the stroke while at race pace.

Let Dan Pink explain the secrets to perfect timing.

Ultimately, swim gear and technology help swim training become more collaborative as we balance workloads, mechanics, and teaching.

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