Hand Paddles Heighten Awareness of +/- Accelerations

Hand paddles can help a swim coach discover hidden technical flaws in a number of ways. So continue to progressively load volume and intensity to properly stress acceleration(s) specific to creating and sustaining maximal force throughout a stroke cycle. In order to find the flaws, simply be aware of any small pauses that are followed by 'excitable' movements.

Kinesthetic Awareness for Swimmers

The additional surface area of hand paddles let swimmers 'hold more water' while swimming. To stress awareness, simply add/subtract paddles during workouts and sets. Swimmers will find it easier to increase their tempo (removed) and/or increase distance per stroke or power (on) when stressing aerobic and anaerobic training.

KineFusion finger straps are another easy reminder to focus on specific aspects of performance. Single straps force swimmers to maintain a great connection with the water. Staggered straps require an athlete to elongate the stroke and maximize a great catch. While criss-crossed straps maximize raw power in a stroke cycle.

    Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, Breaststroke are Uniquely Similar

    As different as all four strokes are, there are synergies between all of them as well.
    1. Catch and early vertical forearm - every stroke has one. Breaststroke and butterfly technique is eerily similar at this point. Use the outside and inside edges of hand paddles to 'feel' pressure on the hand before creating the connection to 'vault' hips over hands for maximum + acceleration.
    2. Release - happens when the swimmer no longer can sustain a net + acceleration and needs to get the hands 'back out front' to begin another cycle. Keep contact with Mimic Swim Paddles rubber nodes during the transition to make sure paddles don't slip off.
    3. Recovery - while the arms are recovering, your kick (short axis) or other arm (long axis) will continue to provide forward propulsion. Balance both to maintain a great rythym throughout the current and future cycles. Hand paddles should 'slip' through the water at the right time, providing just enough weight to be aware of hand placement(s).

      Negative Acceleration is 'Slipping Through the Water'

      Strength and power come from an ability to manage +/- accelerations over prolonged periods of time. The additional resistance of hand paddles creates a strength training effect that is appropriate to swimming and the distance of an event in particular. While the increased speed available lets swimmers create race pace in the proper motor pathways with less overall energy.

      These phenomena should be apparent to the expert eye (coach) and finely tuned swimmer during training. If either begins to 'breakdown', quickly identify the root cause and adapt the set with other equipment, change intervals, and/or decrease the volume. Minimize the roller coaster feeling of huge changes to acceleration(s) to maximize performance.

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