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Hand Paddles Heighten Awareness of +/- Accelerations

hand paddles
Hand paddles can help a swim coach discover hidden technical flaws in a number of ways. So continue to progressively load volume and intensity to properly stress acceleration(s) specific to creating and sustaining maximal force throughout a stroke cycle. In order to find the flaws, simply be aware of any small pauses that are followed by 'excitable' movements.

Synesthesia of Data into Swimming Sets, Workouts and Teams

swimming workouts
There is no lack of data in the world. But until recently access has been limited to those with the means and desire, hopefully not in that order. Recently, an egalitarian approach has created a dearth of data. So much so, that what we most need now is to filter, refine and curate specific data to fit our unique wants.

Swimming Race Pace and Interval Training

race pace
Competitive swimmers can challenge and exceed race pace with specific swimming equipment like swim fins, swimming goggles, and properly sized paddles. And with automated technique evaluation of any recorded performance, an annotated video shows the biomechanical performance of that speed. Swimming accessories should enhance the race pace experience through integrated technology to easily adjust interval training that enhances swimming workouts.

Swimming Workout Periodization: It's easier than it sounds.

swimming workout
Coaching is an art, a science, and a maddening pursuit of refining excellence in another's performance. And designing a swimming workout and/or season(s) plan is no different.

Training Aerobic Capacity into Swimming Workouts

swim paddles hand
As a high school swimmer, coaches would constantly refer to the need to build an 'aerobic base' for future swimming success in college. As a coach, I heard the phrase shift from 'base' to 'capacity'. The clear sustained implication that copious amounts of 'work' were a pre-requisite to reap long-term benefits that may or may not be correlated. Only now do I understand that the aerobic capacity'is a function both of cardiorespiratory performance and the maximum ability to remove and utilize oxygen from circulating blood.'

Anaerobic vs Aerobic: Mastering Swimming Efficiency

sprint swimming

Anaerobic vs Aerobic training should not be considered exclusive of one another. They are complementary pieces meant to maximize swimming efficiency over a given race. Specificity of training for the purpose of racing is the efficiency of timely, useful work toward achieving your performance goals.

Machine Learning Breaststroke from Swimming Videos: A Coach’s Vision

how to swim breaststroke

A friend once told me, "You don’t need to be a great swimmer to be an amazing coach, but it sure does help." The athletic experience is earned, and easily relatable to immediate challenges any swimmer faces. But coaching is about sharing what we've learned. So while initially, I understood a great deal about swimming, breaststroke had never 'come easily' - nor been taught to me.

Swim Paddles Can Help Improve Kicking and Kick

dolhin kick
Every sport loves its idiosyncracies, idioms, and insider jargon. Swimming is no different. Perhaps, even in an unrivaled realm of its own. Think flipturns, dolphin kick, early vertical forearm, and streamlining just to name a few.

Swim Practice Test Sets: Build Skill for Tasks with Repetition

swim practice sets
Athletes may wake up at dawn, but swimmers are often seen finishing morning swim practice at dawn. It's not a badge or a unique sort of pride. Waking up early for pre dawn swimming workouts is a necessity born of the need for repetition and the lack of available lane space.Time is precious on so many levels when hundreths often separate a good or bad race.

Benefits of Swimming with Great Body Position

swimming technique
Body position in swimming is very important when balancing a powerful kick and a strong catch. One of the benefits of swimming with great position is connecting the kick and catch outputs throughout an entire workout and/or race to maximize performance. And the major challenge to maintaining a long stable body (great position) paired with dynamic, rapid kicking and pulling is neuromuscular fatigue. A swimmer's 'timing' simply starts to 'misfire'.

How to Swim with Purpose: Engaged, Informed and Undettered

swimming speed

Perception is knowing what you do and don’t understand - through any sense. To learn how to swim we focus on those that resonate best with our learning style. And most learners are highly visual.

How Paddles can Help Improve your Catch in Swimming

early vertical forearm swimming
The catch in swimming is not a moment in time. Rather its a series of dynamic movements to initiate the propulsive phase of all swimming strokes and we wanted to accentuate that feeling with our Mimic Swim Paddles. And give you a better understanding of your progress with the stroke visualizations in the KineFusion Swimming app.