vo2 max triathlon

VO2 Max – Inconceivable! I do not think it means what you think it means.

It was quite the scene. An Olympic athlete racing down the pool at top speed…hopping out dripping wet to exhale into giant weather balloons. The purpose, of course, was to establish peak oxygen consumption for various components of a 100 breaststroke. If we broke down the event, we could isolate the specific factors which to train during a season. No doubt the premise was sound, but the execution was an exercise in ridiculousness. Yet, the result was still a better understanding of how a performance emerges.

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coaching machine vision

Coaching Best Performances while Coaxing Machine Vision Out

Look around a pool deck and you will inevitably see coaches twirling stopwatches like a gunslinger from the Old West. Deftly working multiple pairs for each athlete in the water with amazing dexterity. And holstering them after every performance.  Like a fictionalized Doc Holiday, I put down my stopwatch a few years into coaching. Knowing I couldn’t control the outcome, I preferred to watch, listen, and absorb what was happening. Years later an athlete asked me why I didn’t use a stopwatch and I replied simply “Because I’m watching you swim.” After years of swimming and coaching, I had found my parlor trick. I could time a performance within tenths simply by hearing and watching it.

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Augmented Reality as the New Old Magic in Sports Dreams

The Charlotte Ultraswim was the last meet I ever raced and, despite a brief dalliance coaching my former high school last year, was the last meet I ever coached. Both times I recall sitting in the stands and wondering if athletes, coaches, and fans saw the event the same way? The thought struck me most as I was talking with a friend.

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Coaching Innovation as a Lifelong Athlete

Lifelong learner, lifelong athlete. One in the same if we view our brain and body as intertwined for the benefit of both. And that integration of influences is the key to innovation in sports.

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private coaching

Private Coaching Benefits Athlete and Coach

Every week I teach a swim lesson to a six year old. And every week I look forward to it. He saunters to the block, does a cannon ball, and pops up for a huge breath of air with the sweetest, most infectious laugh. A laugh that continues for a bit until he settles down and is ready to go to work. The smile on his face when he connects with the water and splashes around puts a smile on my face every time.

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swimming technology

Swimming Tech: Unstoppable Force meet Immovable Object

Who doesn’t like a pun loaded with SEO and layered with double entendres that would embarrass Chaucer only if he was made to learn machine learning algorithms in lieu of ‘The Miller’s Tale’. Fortunately for him and unyielding young’ish’ curmudgeons like myself, technology is everywhere at all times. And while many decisions may just be binary, their inevitable collisions make for a world of complex kaleidoscopes where wonderful colors are driven by a power curve. Read more

baumer no shoes

Biomimetics as an Inspiration for Coaching Nature with Nurture

This past summer I asked my seven year old why he was playing tennis barefoot. Without adjusting his focus to acknowledge more than a passing nuisance, he replied matter of factly ‘Because I don’t have my shoes’. Initially, I was slightly taken aback, but I quickly realized we often ask what before we know why. Sports performance is no different. So can it be deductively reasoned? Has the problem already been solved with simple, understated elegance? Read more