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Innovative Swim Paddles

KineFusion is inspired and influenced by nature to create an unrivaled feel for the water. Unleash your swimming potential with our patent pending Mimic Swim Paddles and complementary mobile app.

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Workout with Augmented Reality

The free iOS app connects your iPhone and hand paddle. Learn more about swimming. Easily create personalized workouts from your performances. And view videos from expert coaches and athletes.

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Coach with Performance Science

Once connected, KineFusion has your swimming covered. Automated performance analysis from a camera + hand paddle. Coaches should contact us now to learn more. Coming soon to all in the app.

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Thoughts from the Pool & Deck

These swim paddles feel and fit great.The bumps add a grip I have never felt before, and it kind of sticks to my palm while swimming. Normally my paddles twist a little bit side to side when swimming, but not the KineFusion paddle. And the best part? They float!

Eric Knight, great swimmer/better swammer

These hand paddles are not half bad. But the swimming workouts in the app, now that's some magic:-)

Bill Pilczuk, Head Coach Savannah College Art & Design

What a great innovation for swimmers and especially triathletes who swim. The paddles by themselves are a leap forward, couple them with the app and I might just race some masters swimming.

Gus Calado, CEO/Head Coach Planet Swim

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Swimming Workout Periodization: It's easier than it sounds.

Coaching is an art, a science, and a maddening pursuit of refining excellence in another's performance. And designing a swimming workout and/or season(s) plan is no different.
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Training Aerobic Capacity into Swimming Workouts

As a high school swimmer, coaches would constantly refer to the need to build an 'aerobic base' for future swimming success in college. As a coach, I heard the phrase shift from 'base' to 'capacity'. The clear sustained implication that copious amounts of 'work' were a pre-requisite to reap long-term benefits that may or may not be correlated. Only now do I understand that the aerobic capacity'is a function both of cardiorespiratory performance and the maximum ability to remove and utilize oxygen from circulating blood.'
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Anaerobic vs Aerobic: Mastering Swimming Efficiency

Anaerobic vs Aerobic training should not be considered exclusive of one another. They are complementary pieces meant to maximize swimming efficiency over a given race. Specificity of training for the purpose of racing is the efficiency of timely, useful work toward achieving your performance goals.