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Innovative Swimming Equipment

Inspired and influenced by nature to create an unrivaled feel for the water. Unleash your potential with our swim paddles and personalized technology.

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Workout with Augmented Reality

The free companion iOS app (beta) connects your iPhone with your paddle to learn more, create workouts, and find videos from expert coaches and world class athletes.

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Coach with Computer Vision

Once connected, KineFusion has your swimming covered. Automated performance analysis from a camera + hand paddle. Contact us to learn more. Coming soon in the app.

Thoughts from the Pool & Deck

These paddles feel and fit great.The bumps add a grip texture I have never felt before, and it kind of sticks to my palm while swimming. Normally my paddles twist a little bit side to side when swimming, but not the KineFusion paddle. And the best part? They float!

Eric Knight, great swimmer/better swammer

They're not half bad.

Bill Pilzcuk, Head Coach Savannah College Art & Design

I love them. What a great innovation for swimmers and especially triathletes who swim. The paddles by themselves are a leap forward, couple them with the app and I can't wait to get back to the pool.

Gus Calado, CEO/Head Coach Planet Swim

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In any swimming workout, sometimes you're along for the ride and other times you're just getting through. Bridging the connection at the right time can make all the difference as you find your flow.
swimming form

Form is Great Swimming Technique Trained into Best Performances

Measuring form is the perfect place to start your training as great technique is the building block to phenomenal swimming. Like a water flowing around a rock to bend the rock to water's end - KineFusion equipment and service reflect the need to work with the water to find your own feel.
swim coach workouts

Swimming Workouts that Transform Exercise into Customized Training

Transformative coaching works with you to create the best version of your swimming. A great coach knows when to use any piece of equipment, to change tone to motivate, to adapt a workout ‘on the fly’, and generally inspire individual athletes with specific messaging.