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Innovative Swim Equipment

KineFusion is inspired and influenced by nature to create an unrivaled feel for the water. Unleash your swimming potential with our patent pending Mimic Swim Paddles.

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Personalized Swimming Workouts

Join the KineFusion community for weekly access to custom workouts specifically designed to maximize your feel for the water. Complement your new equipment with periodization designed to help reach your goals.

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Coach with Performance Science

Once connected, KineFusion has your swimming covered. Automated performance analysis from a camera + hand paddle. Coaches should contact us now to learn more. Coming soon to every swimmer.

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Thoughts from the Pool & Deck

These swim paddles feel and fit great.The bumps add a grip I have never felt before, and it kind of sticks to my palm while swimming. Normally my paddles twist a little bit side to side when swimming, but not the KineFusion paddle. And the best part? They float!

Eric Knight, great swimmer/better swammer

These hand paddles are not half bad. Especially now that I figured out the bumps go underneath my hand.

Bill Pilczuk, Head Coach Savannah College Art & Design

What a great innovation for swimmers and especially triathletes who swim. The paddles by themselves are a leap forward, I might just race some masters swimming.

Gus Calado, CEO/Head Coach Planet Swim

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Hand Paddles Heighten Awareness of +/- Accelerations

Hand paddles can help a swim coach discover hidden technical flaws in a number of ways. So continue to progressively load volume and intensity to properly stress acceleration(s) specific to creating and sustaining maximal force throughout a stroke cycle. In order to find the flaws, simply be aware of any small pauses that are followed by 'excitable' movements.
swimming workouts

Synesthesia of Data into Swimming Sets, Workouts and Teams

There is no lack of data in the world. But until recently access has been limited to those with the means and desire, hopefully not in that order. Recently, an egalitarian approach has created a dearth of data. So much so, that what we most need now is to filter, refine and curate specific data to fit our unique wants.
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Swimming Race Pace and Interval Training

Competitive swimmers can challenge and exceed race pace with specific swimming equipment like swim fins, swimming goggles, and properly sized paddles. And with automated technique evaluation of any recorded performance, an annotated video shows the biomechanical performance of that speed. Swimming accessories should enhance the race pace experience through integrated technology to easily adjust interval training that enhances swimming workouts.